Termokar was established in 1996 to produce Cooling Systems. By 2000, Termokar focused on producing Industrial Cooling Systems (Chillers) after its first export to Norway. Termokar has adopted the principle of using by-products of the world's leading manufacturers in the sector in Chillers production due to its quality understanding. In this way, the quality has automatically increased and minimized the need for technical service.

With its wide application solutions, Termokar has succeeded in being the solution partner of sectors in Plastic and Rubber Industry, Chemical&Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food&Beverage, Automotive Industry, Industrial Machine Tools, Comfort Air Conditioning.

The fields of activity of our company are Package Type of Chillers, Air Cooled Water Chillers with Screw and Scroll Compressors, Air Colled Water Chillers with Integrated Free Cooling, Integrated Dry Coolers Closed Circuit Water Cooling Systems (thermoconvector), Axial Fan Water Cooling Towers, Industrial Oil and Lubricants Cooling Systems, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems, Shell&Tube Condensers etc.

Our company produces these products by combining the criterias such as maximum customer satisfaction, modernity, efficient and trouble-free operation.



Our mission is adding value to our customers with our customer-oriented services, to our employees with our modern and safe working environment, to our future with the value we give to the environment, and to the future of our country's industry with our innovative production approach.


Our vision is to establish sustainable relations in the Industrial Cooling Systems sector with our good quality of production which is our field of activity. And being the first choice of our customers with our product range, higher capacity and value added products. Being the reason of preference of our employees with the value we give to people. Reflecting our sustainable and innovative practices to all our partners. And being a well-known brand that our competitors always follow.



  • We give priority to customer satisfaction.
  • We work with passion.
  • We behave fairly.
  • We always carry the awareness of responsibility.
  • Innovation is one of our must.
  • We attach importance to nature and people.
  • We build trust.



The physical, biological, social, economical and cultural environment in which we live is all our environment. In this mean, we use refrigerants that do not harm the atmosphere for a livable, clean and beautiful environment, and we express our respect to nature by producing high efficient, energy-saving, with low-decibel and our own compatible softwares. 


We are acting with the principle of the “quality is never a coincidence, it is always the result of an intelligent effort” and Termokar sees the quality as a part of its business. Termokar, which never compromises on quality understanding, started business and continuing in the same way with the motto that the quality is available if the customer comes back,  not if the product comes back.

Our quality and customer-oriented working principle has opened door to good friendships in the country and around the World for many years and our company Termokar continues and will continue on its way without losing that mission.